2018 Onondaga Flames Schedule


  • Town of Dewitt Night Friday, June 8, 2018
  • Firefighter | EMS Celebration Night Saturday, June 9, 2018
  • Little League Night – Friday, June 22, 2018
  • Cooperstown Trip – Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • Veterans’ Night – Sunday July 1, 2018 5:00 PM
  • Rescue Mission Night – Friday, July 6, 2018
  • Friends of Onondaga Hill Free Library Night July 14, 2018 6:00 PM

Annual Game

The Onondaga Flames will play one exhibition or league game each year at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY.  We will schedule the game so that everyone has enough time to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame.The team will arrange for group discount tickets

This year’s game will be Wednesday June 27th at 5:00 PM. The team will leave Bryant & Stratton College Campus parking lot at 9:00 AM and arrive in Cooperstown at 10:30 AM. A trip to the Baseball National Hall of Fame & Museum is planned for players. Fans are welcome to join us on this trip.

The HOF will provide a brief lecture from the Hall Historian at the beginning of our tour of the museum. More info here.

Friday, 1 Jun Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC6-2
Saturday, 2 Jun Syracuse SpartansHopkins Road Park1-4
Sunday, 3 Jun Cortland CrushBeaudry Park5-7
Monday, 4 Jun Rochester RidgemenOnondaga CC13-2School Field Trip
Wednesday, 6 Jun Genesee RapidsKerr-Pegula Athletic Complex1-3
Friday, 8 Jun Cortland CrushOnondaga CC5-7Town of Dewitt Night
Saturday, 9 Jun Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC16-1
Sunday, 10 Jun Syracuse SpartansHopkins Road Park7-10
Monday, 11 Jun Niagara PowerSal Maglie Stadium5-8Visit to Niagara Falls
Tuesday, 12 Jun Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC8-6
Wednesday, 13 Jun Olean OilersOnondaga CC5-2
Thursday, 14 Jun Cortland CrushOnondaga CC5-4
Friday, 15 Jun Cortland CrushBeaudry Park8-7
Sunday, 17 Jun Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC3-7
Monday, 18 Jun Sherrill SilversmithsNoyes Park5:00 PMPostponed - rain
Tuesday, 19 Jun Hornell DodgersMaple City Park9-610 Innings
Wednesday, 20 Jun Wellsville NitrosOnondaga CC4-5
Friday, 22 Jun Sherrill SilversmithsOnondaga CC7-3
Saturday, 23 Jun Syracuse SpartansHopkins Road Park7-811 Innings
Sunday, 24 Jun Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC3-2
Monday, 25 Jun Sherrill SilversmithsOnondaga CC3-1
Tuesday, 26 Jun Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC3-5
Wednesday, 27 Jun Rome GeneralsDoubleday Field5:00 PMCooperstown trip - visit to HOF and game Rained Out
Friday, 29 Jun Rome GeneralsLarry DeLutis Field15-2
Saturday, 30 Jun Cortland CrushOnondaga CC9-7
Sunday, 1 Jul Rome GeneralsOnondaga CC14-3VETERANS' NIGHT
Monday, 2 Jul Sherrill SilversmithsNoyes Park15-2Doubleheader 2:00 M and 5:00 PM Game 2 rained out.
Wednesday, 4 Jul Rome GeneralsOnondaga CC3-2
Thursday, 5 Jul Sherrill SilversmithsOnondaga CC1-9
Friday, 6 Jul Syracuse SpartansOnondaga CC7-2Rescue Mission Night
Saturday, 7 Jul Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC0-3
Sunday, 8 Jul Rome GeneralsLarry DeLutis Field0-8
Monday, 9 Jul ACBL All-StarsOnondaga CC7:00 PM
Tuesday, 10 Jul Capital City RedsOnondaga CC5:00 PM7 Inning game
Wednesday, 11 Jul Syracuse Salt CatsOnondaga CC5-3
Friday, 13 Jul Rome GeneralsLarry DeLutis Field15-8
Saturday, 14 Jul Syracuse SpartansOnondaga CC11-6Friends of Onondaga Hill Free Library Night
Sunday, 15 Jul Sherrill SilversmithsOnondaga CC10-3
Monday, 16 Jul Syracuse SpartansOnondaga CC7-2
Tuesday, 17 Jul Rome GeneralsDoubleday Field1:30 PMRescheduled to July 21st at Rome
Wednesday, 18 Jul Syracuse SpartansHopkins Road Park11-1
Thursday, 19 Jul Cortland CrushOnondaga CC6-2
Friday, 20 Jul Sherrill SilversmithsNoyes Park9-51st game of doubleheader - 7 innings
Friday, 20 Jul Sherrill SilversmithsNoyes Park8-12nd game of doubleheader - 7 innings
Saturday, 21 Jul Rome GeneralsLarry DeLutis Field6-91st game of doubleheader - 7 innings
Saturday, 21 Jul Rome GeneralsLarry DeLutis Field7-42nd game of doubleheader - 7 innings
Sunday, 22 Jul Cortland CrushBeaudry Park24-6
Tuesday, 24 Jul Cortland CrushOnondaga CC2-1Game 1 of Eastern Division Playoffs
Thursday, 26 Jul Cortland CrushOnondaga CC10-3Game 2 of Eastern Division Playoffs
Friday, 27 Jul Olean OilersBradner Stadium7-3Game 1 of NYCBL League Championship Playoffs | Flames Lead Series 1-0
Saturday, 28 Jul Olean OilersOnondaga CC11-4Game 2 of NYCBL League Championship Playoffs | Flames Win NYCBL Championship!