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On-Field Entertainment

Sponsor one of our fan favorites or let us design one especially for you.

Pony Races - Call Us for Pricing

Fun bouncing pony races – a fan favorite! Sponsor this activity

  • Your name featured at our customer service tent at the stadium entrance.
  •  Will play “Boots and Saddles” trumpet song prior to the event. Your name announced as race name.
  • Contestants will each get a Flames tee-shirt with your name on back.

4 Aces - Chance to win $1,000

Pick the four aces of of ten cards – win $1,000.

Funniest Fan Contest

Three fans will tell a joke and crowd votes a winner by applause.

Baseball Trivia

PA Announcer will ask a baseball trivia question at the top of an inning and announce the answer at the bottom of the inning.

Are You Smarter Than An Umpire?

Fun contest. An obscure baseball situation is described and contestant is given multiple choices. After time expires contestant chooses and then the umpire gives the correct answer. Sponsor this fan favorite and get naming rights.

Water Balloon Toss

Teams of contestants toss water balloons back and forth. Last balloon standing wins!

YMCA Sing-a-Long

Mascot will lead a sing-a-long of YMCA

Dizzy Bats

At a starting signal, the first player on each team runs to the distance line where he picks up his bat. He stands one end of the bat firmly on the ground, and places the other end against his forehead. In this position, he must run around the bat three times. Then he drops the bat and races back to the starting line where he tags the next player.

Baseball Bingo

A great fan favorite! Played every Friday night. Cards are available free at several locations throughout the ballpark. BINGO winners get Flames logo merchandise.

Doo Wop Name That Tune

Many Doo Wop tunes have very familiar opening cords. However, names are often forgotten!

French Fry Race

Two teams vie to see who can put the most French fries (yellow fun noodles) into a garbage can with sponsor’s logo. Prize – Free French Fries!.