Flames Player Profile #23 Collin Mathews, Kent State

Simply put, the Flames Collin Mathews is on fire with 14 hits in 28 at bats over the last seven games. The owner of the 4th highest batting average in the league, the redshirt freshman is slashing .380/.468/.478 on the season with 5 doubles, 2 triples and 15 RBI’s over 109 plate appearances. Collin has created 20.788 runs, second most on the team.

Collin Mathews
Kent State

A two-way player, Collin has been clocked at 93-mph on the mound. The 6’2″  200 pound Kent State Golden Flash appears to have fully recovered from Tommy John surgery. performed in the fall of 2016. However, the Flames have used him almost exclusively as an outfielder to get his bat in the lineup.

Mathews is a gifted athletic who can hit, run, throw and field. His contributions to the Flames have been invaluable.